Why India is Not the Next China

Much has been said about the emerging BRIC economies. But in spa development, while China, Russia and Brazil have grown apace, India lags.  No doubt India’s hotel spa scene has grown in the last five years, but the rate of development cannot compare to that of China. Here’s why. On the outset, both countries appear to have a lot more in common. An aggressive hotel…

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I Say ‘Spa’ – You Say ‘Wellness’

What’s the Korean word for ‘spa,’ I asked a Korean friend recently? She said, it’s “spa” but phonetically spelled using Korean characters that sound like ‘s’ and ‘pa’ ( “스파”) . “Do the characters have any relation to ‘bath’ or ‘water therapy’? I asked.  “No, it just reads as spa.” So I asked a Japanese client the same question and he came back with the…

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